So, this is my very first post to my new blog!

I’m so excited to let everyone know what I’ve been up to and to keep you up to date on my current work.

Just so you all know I’m back in PEI. I moved back in September and will be here indefinitely. It’s so nice to be back here with my family and with my PEI friends. After living in Montreal for three years I’ve realized that PEI is the place I where want to be… though I have to say, I do love Montreal… and will be back to visit many times I’m sure… if not only to visit my friends then to do some shopping (one of the things PEI lacks is good shopping!).

Since I moved back to PEI, I’ve been taking photos here and there. I’ve done some shoots for friends of mine and I’m working on a photo project with a local wine maker. Slowly but surely I’m getting my name out there and letting people know about my work… though, it’s not that hard on an island where everyone knows everyone and word travels fast!

So, stay tuned because I’ll be sharing some photos from my most recent shoots in my upcoming posts.