Christmas Tree Hunting

For the past few Christmas’ my family has gone out to the back of our property to find a christmas tree. We used to go to a christmas tree farm every year to buy a tree, but they were always too thick (and Dad was never satisfied with the price). One year Dad figured he could find a better tree on our own property and after a bit of searching he did. Albeit it was a little Charlie Brownish, to me it was a lot nicer than any tree you could buy… and we just pushed the sparse side into the corner. From then on we’ve made it a tradition to go out and look for a christmas tree together as a family.

Here are some photos I took while out looking for christmas trees the weekend before last. We ended up with 4 trees, one each for Ellen and Justin, for Mitchell and Stephanie,  for our friend Jeanie Rooney and for home.


Christmas Berry Picking

The other day I went with my mom and sister to pick berries that we use to make christmas decorations. We drove down the long road to Point Prim. It’s a beautiful location. At the very end of the road there is a light house and a small restaurant, which is closed for the winter, and of course a beach. When we got there it was so foggy out that you could barely see the light house, so it made for some interesting photos